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Retrieving details about the weather may not seem like an important activity, yet we all check the conditions almost on a daily basis. YoWindow assumes the role of the weather man and retrieves meteorological information, relaying it in a very nifty and attractive form: animated landscape which can also be set as the default screensaver in Windows.

If you want to convert only a part of the selected video, WinX HD Video Converter enables you to do just that by providing the right tools to make the desired selection. You can either enter the time for the start and finish of your video in the Output Settings section (right below the video clip list) or drag by the ends of the seekbar in the preview window. If you want to save your video in a different location than the default one, you can do that by changing the Output Folder to suit your needs.



One of the things I almost forget to do when I reinstall my Windows is to feed the hardware with the adequate drivers. Setup Studio has a distinct section for this task and it allows you to insert the drivers for your hardware in the project. Thus you will have the drivers already installed after the installation finishes. The user can add a single separate driver for each piece of hardware that requires any or s/he can add drivers from DriverPack; these options are available for the Standard (INF) Drivers.

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